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This is a DPO diary!

Designed to keep your GDPR agenda up to date, DPO Agenda is intended to any company or organization because we all have customers, suppliers or employees.

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A solution to help you in your responsibilities.

DPO Agenda main goal is to simplify the DPO daily work.

Treatment Activities

Personal data treatment identification and characterization. Specify why and how the company gathers, treats and stores personal data. Support of relationship with internal processes.

Compliance Workflow

Comprising your organization personal data treatment and day to day occurrences, allows the DPO to manage and control the implementation of internal process as the compliance with GDPR gap is being reduced.


Data protection officer will be able to register and control requests by data subjects or possible data breaches.


DPO Agenda produces an at-a-glance view of GDPR compliance key indicators, letting DPO and other users to visually track and review organization occurrences and treatment activities compliance gap.


From simplified to full reports, DPO Agenda provides the way to directly answer any supervisor authority or internal audit process. Print in seconds your organization GDPR information for compliance status analysis.

Contextual Help

Not sure what to do in order to comply to GDPR? Beside the user manual, DPO Agenda gives you a contextual help that guides you through the forms, options and definitions, in order to make your compliance task easier.

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